Lowes Bathtubs

lowes bathtubs

Do you want to install a new bathtub or perhaps replace your old one? Then you’ll have to choose among the variety of Lowes bathtubs. Lowes got all the tub types you wanted to see plus, all those extra features that will make your regular bath refreshing and relaxing. Not to mention the fact that these tubs are extremely classy, elegant, and also affordable. This home depot caries most of the popular and top brands in the market so you can consider it as a one stop shop.

About Lowes

Lowes is an American retail giant which focuses on the selling of home improvement items, appliances, apparel, grocery, etc. It’s a one stop shop selling almost all types of goods from almost all top and quality brands. So aside from bathtubs at Lowes, you’ll certainly see other products. Lowes was founded in 1946 and originally served as a hardware store. But today, it’s now part of the Fortune 100 Company having a network of almost 2000 stores spread across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

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List of Available Lowes Bathtubs

Here are the different types of bathtubs you can see and buy from any of its stores or depots which you can include in your Lowes bathroom concept.

Drop-in bathtubs. These are the bare tubs made from steel, cast iron, acrylic, etc. They are also versatile allowing installation anywhere in the bathroom just as long as a complimentary cement or tile base is available to support and serve as its enclosure.

Alcove bathtubs. The most common and popular bathtubs Lowes you can shop for and buy are the 3-wall alcoves. These are also considered the oldest styles. These tubs are designed to fit in a tiny 3-wall bathroom enclosure. The purpose of these designs is to save on space. Most alcoves are also skirted making them look classy, elegant, and very presentable.

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Freestanding bathtubs. As their name suggests, these tubs don’t need supports and enclosures. They can stand firm on their own similar to a large basin or your toilet. Since they have simple structures, it would be an ease to install and remove them when you already need a replacement.

Clawfoot bathtubs. The clawfoot tub is actually a special kind of freestanding tub. The only difference is that is features four cast iron feet on its corners lifting the main tub a couple of inches high. It’s a classic and popular design adapted from the Elizabethan era.

lowes walk in bathtubs

Lowes walk in bathtubs. Walk-in bathtubs are also special types of tubs built for the disabled or mobility impaired individuals. These tubs feature a door like mechanism which can open upon entry and seals down the tub tight when the water starts to fill it.

Corner bathtubs. Aside from the common rectangular, round, and oblong-shaped tubs, corner tubs are the triangular or polygon-shaped bathtubs. As their name implies, they are intended to be installed in bathroom corners.

Undermount bathtubs. Finally, there’s the undermount bathtubs which are basically drop-in tubs but are intended to be installed on the ground or floor level.

Lowes bathtubs really provide a wide array of choices when you are considering equipping your bathroom with a classy, elegant, and good-looking tub.

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