Restoring Old Tubs through Bathtub Liners

bathtub liners

There are two options for you when you want to restore or repurpose your old tub at home. You can either have it refinished or, make use of bathtub liners. These options are ideal if you don’t have sufficient budget yet to buy a new bathtub, when you are trying to preserve an antique or tub filled with memories, or simply when you want to avoid the troubles or inconveniences of installing a new tub or having to renovate your bathroom.

What is a tub liner?

A tub liner is an acrylic insert that is molded according to the shape and style of your existing bathtub. After creating the liner, it is slipped, fixed, or glued over the top of your old top. The idea is like creating an external layer or skin that will mask or coat the old and worn out look of your bathtub. This is in contrast with refinishing that essentially means sanding and recoating your tub with a new layer of paint. A liner is usually crafted by professionals and you have to call them and order if you would like a new face for your tub.

The pros and cons of installing bathtub liners

Some homeowners and experts prefer or recommend the use of liners because it provides the best transformation. You are adding a layer of acrylic molded from your tub so you and your family can have that good-as-new experience. Additionally, it is more durable, easier to clean, doesn’t chip and disintegrate compared to just simply painting your old tub. You can also take advantage of multiple color options. Thus, it’s a good choice when you want to change your old tub’s color. The molded liner is also very thin; hence, you won’t even notice a change in the size of your tub.

On the drawbacks, you have to note that liners are only ideal for the metal, steel, or cast iron tubs. This is because the molded liner needs a rough or porous surface to stick on. Certainly, there will be difficulties installing it to ceramic or the well-polished tubs. When the liner is poorly installed, molds and microorganisms can build up in between the old tub and the liner. In some instances, plumbing issues can pop out because of the added thickness. There’s also the risk of damage when the molded liner does not fit exactly and is installed through pressure or force.

The bathtub liner cost

Compared to simply refinishing or repainting your tub, the use of bathtub liners is really a bit more expensive. Expect to spend extra hundred or even thousand dollars. At times, the price can even rival the cost of a brand new tub. But people still opt for liners because of the subjective value of the tub for the owner’s family.

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