Best Lowes Shower Ideas

lowes shower

Are you currently building your new home or perhaps renovating your existing bathroom? Here are some of the best Lowes shower ideas which you can apply or incorporate in your ongoing project. Any of these ideas can certainly transform your shower area from better to best.

Style your shower area with tile

Still the classic choice in designing the shower area is to use tiles. You are free to design and choose specific tiles that you want. And if you don’t have any idea or clue, you can consult a designer or perhaps, find some inspiration on several online photos. When using tiles, just ensure that your choice of material should not be too slippery or will still provide that needed foot traction or grip.

Choose a shower tub combo


shower tub combo

For small bathrooms or when you simply want to maximize space, you can actually go for the shower tub combo. It’s a modern yet effective concept. You can choose the prefabricated sets or perhaps, install the tub and wall tiles separately.

Build a step up shower when using a pan

When you plan of using a combination of tile and pan, why not raise the Lowes shower’s platform and make it a step up. Aside from that added appeal, it also minimizes the work of the installer since the structural integrity of the concrete floor no longer needs to be altered.

lowes shower doors


Clear Lowes shower doors are still the classic

You also have several options when it comes to the shower doors. You can use a simple shower curtain, plastic panels, or can simply go nothing. But considered the classic, modern, and elegant choice when it comes to shower doors Lowes is to use a clear glass. It’s simply stylish and gorgeous.

Choose prefab Lowes shower units for ease

To save all your time in planning and choosing, you can go for the prefab shower units. There are several types of prefabricated shower units you can choose from. There’s the single piece prefab unit, the multi-piece prefab units, the center units, and those meant for the corners. Just remember that prefab units can be big and bulky especially the single piece units, so you have to consider how you can take it inside your home with your existing door size.

shower doors lowes


Bring light into the shower area

Finally, it’s also best if you can let the maximum amount of light get through your shower area. Natural light adds up to that refreshing feeling when taking a shower. The best idea is to install a glass panel on the upper part of your bathroom’s exterior wall or perhaps, use a skylight or see-through glass roof panel.

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