Lowes Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

lowes bathroom remodelling ideas

Are you planning to renovate or remodel your old bathroom? Here are some of the Lowes bathroom remodeling ideas that will certainly make a change or spice up that comfort room. And these ideas are not only applicable for renovation or remodeling. They are also useful when you are constructing or designing your new home.

Use smaller tiles for a small bathroom space

Some homes especially condos and apartments usually have small and tight bathrooms. To make it look bigger and wider, you should avoid installing those large tiles. The foremost bathroom flooring ideas involve considerations in terms of area or size.

Install a large mirror which can cover a whole bathroom wall

bathroom flooring ideas

Another bathroom ideas Lowes which could solve problems of space is to install large mirrors. You can install a large mirror the size or width of the entire bathroom wall. This will have an effect of doubling your bathroom’s size. The idea of large mirror also works for big restrooms. It would ensure efficiency especially if the bathroom is to be shared by two or more individuals.

Adorn your bathroom with potted or indoor plants

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The next Lowes bathroom remodeling ideas involve the use of indoor or potted plants. If you have a large or well-lighted and ventilated room, you can put a row of Chinese bamboos or any sparsely-leafed plant in one of the bathroom side. For smaller or tightly closed rooms, a single potter indoor plant would be ideal. If you have regular extra time, you can put in some flowers in a vase every morning.

You can make your bathroom luxurious with marble

Ceramic and other common tiles can be beautiful to use in your bathroom. But nothing beats the class, elegance, and exquisite beauty of marble. Just a note: Marble could be slippery so it is advised to install it only on the walls or perhaps, have it textured by an expert.

small bathroom vanity

Create a contrast of modern and antique

You can also achieve a unique look for your bathroom when you add up elements of old with the new or modern ones. If for example you have built a modern or contemporary bathroom design with modern toilet, tiles, mirrors, and lowes bathtubs, you can add a touch of antiquity by furnishing it with an antique small bathroom vanity.

Be creative in your bathroom materials

The final and most important Lowes bathroom remodeling ideas is to ensure creativity not only on your bathroom plan but also on the materials used. Instead of conventional bathroom materials like ceramic, why not use actual rocks that are carved out? Why not use wood, recycled materials, etc?

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