Guide in Choosing Lowes Tubs

lowes tubs

If you are buying a new home, there shouldn’t any problem about buying a bathtub. But if you are renovating or replacing your old ones, you might be considering of shopping for new and improved Lowes tubs. Bathtubs can be considered a major expense that is why planning is necessary when choosing and shopping. Thus, don’t just drive to a home depot or shop without considering certain factors first.

Here is a brief guide that should be helpful in choosing that perfect tub:

  1. Consider your bathroom’s nature or design. You might want a luxurious Lowes hot tub in your bathroom but if the existing condition particularly space doesn’t allow it, you’ll have to move on to the next best choices. The shape and size of your bathroom is one of the major factors in choosing. If it’s too small, tight, or has multiple corners, there’s a particular type of bathtub suitable for it.
  2. The material matters. The material used for the Lowes tubs you are considering matters because it determines several things like price, durability, and the care or maintenance needed for it. Obviously, the metal, plastic, or fiberglass tubs are the cheapest while those made out of luxury materials like marble, porcelain and ceramic could be very expensive. The more luxurious tubs also need special care and maintenance.
  3. Consider you and your family’s need. Of course more than anything else, you should choose a tub that would address your needs and wants. Do you want a larger and more relaxing bathtub? Then the multifunctional walk-in tubs featuring water jets could give you the best experience. If your bathroom has a nice outdoor view and you would simply want to soak for minutes or even hours, the freestanding tubs Lowes would be perfect.
  4. Choose your desired style or design. Bathtubs don’t have a single shape or style. There are numerous designs for you to choose from. Most you can see on the market are the modern and innovative ones usually featuring added experiences like water jets or water massage. There are circular tubs, drop-in tubs, the space-saving corner tubs, and there are even classic styles like the Lowes clawfoot tub.
  5. Consider the tub’s extra features. You might also want additional features for your tub like jets and bubbles which is innate in whirlpool tubs. There’s also chromatherapy, provision for digital controls, music and other forms of entertainment, and some are ADA compliant which is suitable for the disables.
  6. Check the price. The final consideration when shopping for Lowes tubs would certainly be the size. Before you proceed to the depot or store, you should already have a budget or price range in mind.

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